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Black Panther

Movie Review: Another Solid Entry To The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Left-wing media outlets are hyping this movie like it is another Citizen Kane. Well, it is simply nonsense the identity politics the media is injecting with the release of this movie.

Please don’t label me a racist now (even though I’m a sexy black man) – but this movie is above average at best. I disliked some parts of the film and it had many flaws. In order to have a perfect 10 movie, you need be close to perfection in every facet of filmmaking/story telling. And this movie is definitely not a perfect 10. On my drive home last night from the movie, I was thinking and laughing out loud on how ridiculous left-wing media critics are with their over the top reviews. They are completely blinded by social politics.

Anyhow, back to the movie. Black Panther is another entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Comic Book characters adapted into film). It takes place at a fictional country (Wakanda) in Africa. It is about a King with special powers who also has a special suit to protect his people and his homeland. He is young and has many responsibilities as king – he is tested in many social and political issues.

Story and screenplay: I have to give the writers credit; it can be hard with the source material given - to make it somewhat believable for the audience. It had some twist and turns for the audience. It was predictable for me, but overall it gave the audience an engaging story. The dialogue may have looked nice on paper but some of the delivery was off to me. They incorporated many African tribal elements from the past and present into the story and the importance of protecting traditions was also portrayed. I don’t want to give anything away but I liked what they did with the story with the previous King and his family. If you are wondering, you do not need to watch any other Marvel movies to understand what is going on. It is good stand alone film. There are plot holes in the movie but it doesn’t matter because the film moves quickly. I will get to the social part of the movie during the Leftist Social Engineering section.

Sense of wonder: There were many scenes that gave you that feeling, it had a fantasy feel. You have to give credit to the cinematographer. It felt magical on certain shots.

Characters: I loved all the characters. My favorite was the current Kings sister. She is a tech wizard and has a good sense of humor.

Acting: it was good overall. Some parts were forced but it doesn’t take anything away from the movie. The comedic parts were done well.

Action and visual effects: The action scenes sucked to me. I was not impressed at all. I was actually bored with some of the action scenes. The female warriors had a few nice moves but it was nothing special. I’ve seen better in Chinese Kung Fu movies in the 80’s. It might be new for western audiences but it was nothing new to me. The visual effects were mostly good. Some parts were subpar but the city shot of Wakanda were great.

Music and Sound Effects: They did a great job in blending modern day hip-hop music and African tribal music into the movie. Sound effects were great.

Is it another Godfather? - sh!t, not even close. It is a good entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and nothing more.

ReeYaa Grade = B

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

The leftist social engineering wasn’t that bad. Some problems in the inner cities and poor African nations were talked about in the movie. The writers did not try to push blame on a certain group but were just merely showing some of the problems. Visiting this site and submitting a review, I think you know who I blame concerning the inner cities. I don’t know if the writers, director, and audience were aware but the story has similar parallels to President Trump. I was actually laughing at some parts of the film because the hero of the film has the same views as President Trump. Some of the people at the theater were looking at me like I was crazy. I guess we know where they align themselves politically. Don’t get me wrong, there were parts where they were trying to push a left-wing narrative, it was bull-sh!t, but most people with common sense can see past that garbage. Surprisingly, it was a very well balanced movie.

ReeYaa Score = Medium

Production Information

Director: Ryan Coogler
Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o

Some of the cast and crew have recently made some social justice warrior comments to the press. Of course they did, anything they can do to take down Trump and bend their knee to their masters in Media, they will do. I do like some the cast; they usually don’t say anything and are just working actors. But some of the main stars need to tone it down; they act like they are still enslaved. The sad thing is, many blacks are technically still enslaved by left-wing Democrats but don’t realize it. I can completely understand if people don’t want to support the movie because of the production team and actors talking nonsense.

ReeYaa Score = Somewhat Disapprove

Final Thoughts

I thought it was worth my money. Again, this movie is nothing special, the hype is ridiculous. It is just another typical summer blockbuster type movie and nothing more.

Movie Review Grade = B
LSE = Medium
Production Information = Somewhat Disapprove

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Reviewed By: Sexy Black Chocolate | February 15, 2018
Runtime: 2h 14min
Rating: PG-13
Wide Release Date: February 16, 2018

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